Already a lovely review! “The characters were real and complex enough to draw me into the story and the mystery/suspense also made it hard to put down.”

Following a massive blow to the CIA’s intelligence apparatus, burned-out special agent Rex Carver is recalled to the US where he must face the ghosts of his ended marriage. After a sexy hook-up with a local musician named Ike Graves, Rex rescues the man from a violent mugging by killing the assailant.

When it turns out the mugger was also CIA, what seems like a random act of violence appears to have a deeper meaning. What would make Ike a target? Was Ike a sanctioned hit, or are there rogue elements within the CIA? Is there something more to Ike than meets the eye, or is someone inside the Company using Rex’s growing affection for Ike to target Rex himself?

This 65k word novel includes page-turning romantic suspense, sexy stolen moments, and a precocious adopted daughter.

You can buy it now for $2.99, or read it FREE if you’re part of Kindle Unlimited.

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