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Get ’em while they’re hot! If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read this FREE. Otherwise, it’s only $2.99 USD for 70k words (okay, it’s more like 69k—nice.) This is a heartwarming book, though it does deal with mourning a kitty and there is some biphobia. To be clear, it’s written by two bisexuals and much of the dialogue about biphobia reflects the things that have been said to us in the past and how we’ve moved past it with people we care enough to extend patience with.

Thursday Euclid and I wrote it this way in the hopes that maybe some people who haven’t thought beyond some of those tired tropes might see another view. This isn’t an endorsement of being a long-suffering bisexual who lets things go. Ian was very lucky to be forgiven.

This is a m/m story, so while Colin is bisexual, this only covers the romance between two men. Colin is primarily attracted to men, but does enjoy women. We’re working on another story with a bisexual man who skews more evenly. It’s important to me to show a variety of bisexual characters because I spent a lot of years of my life in denial. Bisexuals had always been portrayed as “greedy” or willing to have sex with anyone. I’ve had a variety of sexual experiences, but I can assure you that I’m very picky about with whom.

I also wrote the story in part to mourn my three senior feral rescue cats who passed away last year. I did adopt a beautiful brown tabby girl and wanted to honor her as part of my new family. Those feelings of loss are very real and I’ve been lucky to almost always have a feline to guide me.

I hope you enjoy this book. It was cathartic, and also sweet. We need a little sweetness and optimism these days.

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